Fleet Managers

Great consideration was taken to outfit your fleet with the newest and best mobile innovations. QMI will protect those safety investments with our expert installations.

Our skilled technicians will ensure full functionality of both your equipment and vehicles. QMI will assist you in avoiding the consequence of  non-functioning equipment and damaged vehicles resulting from unskilled installations and maintenance.

QMI technicians are specifically trained to address your unique equipment and fleet requirements and are certified to work on a wide variety of buses, trains, vehicles and light rail.

We are trained and certified to work on a wide variety of busses, trains, vehicles and light rail.

Experience with public and mass transit buses can be particularly hard to find. Our technicians have extensive training and knowledge to include electrical and hybrid buses.

QMI installations are covered with a limited warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We are proud to offer our clients an ongoing Fleet Maintenance Program that will ensure your equipment's full and continued functionality once operating in practical everyday use.

We stand behind our work and offer a limited warranty.

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